Paper Towels Slimfold

Kiwi Tissue slimfold paper towels
  • Slimfold Paper Towels Flushable - Lucart
    Aquastream Hand Towels Z-fold/Slimfold

    - Strong and absorbent
    - Dissolves in seconds if thrown in the toilet
    - Prevent the risk of clogging and blocking drains
    - Laboratory test using in-house method by Lucart Professional of Europe

    Carton 15x242 (3630) sheets
    NZ$ 74.85 Carton 3630sheets
    NZ$ 86.08 incl GST
  • Slimfold Paper Towels 2ply - EcoNatural
    EcoNatural is now the innovative PAPER +DISPENSER system that recycles all the materials from beverage cartons, turning the CIRCULAR ECONOMY into something tangible

    Thanks to its innovative technology, EcoNatural by Lucart separates the individual components of beverage cartons. From cellulose fibres, Lucart develops Fibrepack used to make EcoNatural, the paper that provides all the strength, absorbency and softness of a premium product with the guarantee of a safe and certified range. With aluminium and polythylene, Lucart makes Al.Pe, the raw material used to produce the dispensers for every washroom and healthcare area

    FSC Certified
    EU Ecolabel: IT/004/001
    Dermatologically Tested

    2 ply Z fold (slimfold) hand towel
    Carton 18 packs of 220 (3960sheets)
    NZ$ 63.58 Carton 3960
    NZ$ 73.12 incl GST
  • Slimfold Paper Towels Premium 1ply - Kiwi Tissue
    Stella Pro Slimfold Interfold Paper Towels. Premium paper. 1ply.

    Folded size: 230mm wide x 80mm deep.

    Unfolded size: 230mm wide x 240mm deep.

    Carton 4000sheets (20 packs of 200)

    Old code SFP4000
    NZ$ 61.46 Carton 4000sheets
    NZ$ 70.68 incl GST
  • Slimfold Paper Towels Premium 2ply - Kiwi Tissue
    Slimfold Interfold Paper Towels. Premum paper. 2ply.

    Folded size: 230mm wide x 80mm deep.

    Unfolded size: 230mm wide x 240mm deep.

    Carton 3000sheets (15 packs of 200)
    NZ$ 59.18 Carton 3000sheets
    NZ$ 68.06 incl GST

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Freight is charged by weight, indicitive costs per carton are: Auckland $6.90, Whangarei to Hamilton $10.50, North Island $14.00, South Island $16.00 + GST, Rural charges are extra.


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