Sugar Cane Punnet 18x13cm - Vegware

Sugar Cane Punnet 18x13cm - Vegware
Made from Sugarcane fibre after the extraction of juice, this bi-product has been treated as waste and is often burned causing unnecessary air pollution. Making products from Sugarcane fibre reduces the waste of this valuable resource, it can be unbleached or bleached Chlorine free.

Sugarcane products are Ultra-Violet Ray Sterilized and allergen free, ideal for food service, catering, and takeaways. Suitable for hot food, liquids, oils and fats, they can be used in the microwave for warming or heating food. They also suit packaging applications like produce display trays and punnets, industrial packaging of electronic goods and medical supplies, etc
18 x 13cm 400ml

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Carton 500
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