EXTREME Aircraft & Precision Cleaner Concentrate - Simple Green

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EXTREME Aircraft & Precision Cleaner Concentrate - Simple Green
- Cuts through tough greases, oils, built-up grime and
residue on aircraft, equipment, engines, machinery, wind
turbines and more.
- Meets a variety of aircraft testing specification including
the BOEING SPEC D6-17487P.
- Use on structual metals, hoses, seals & factory nishes
without risk of hydrogen embrittlement or corrosion.
- Concentrated, superior grease cutting & clean rinsing
formula (dilution and application chart available).
- Biodegradable and petroleum-distillate-free, no reagents
that oxidize finishes or degrade plastics.
- Not Classified as hazardous according to Model Work
Health & Safety Regulations and GHS Criteria.

Available in the following sizes:
946ml (Carton 12) - CIPL SG13412
4L (Carton 4) - CIPL SG13406
20L (Each) - CIPL SG13419
208L (Each) - CIPL SG13455
1041L (Each) - CIPL SG13475
NZ$ 271.72 excluding GST
NZ$ 312.48 including GST
EL SG13412
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