Straw PLA 8mm - Green Choice

Straw PLA 8mm - Green Choice
Green Choice PLA Smoothie Straw - 8mm DIA White.

Made from PLA, a plastic made from corn starch, our straws are compostable in a commercial facility. These are the individually wrapped version.

We can supply advice stickers to help assure people they have made the right choice. To test straw types, completely fold a straw in half and if it stays bent at a right angle it is made from PLA, if it flicks back straight then it is made from PP (fossil fuel based plastic).

8mm dia x 220L mm
NZ$ 172.47 excluding GST
NZ$ 198.34 including GST
NZ$ 6.00
Carton 5000 (20x250)
UP 1500/792
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