Dog Waste Bags - BioBag

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Dog Waste Bags - BioBag
This is a boxed pack of 50 Biodog bags, great for keeping in the glove box, suitable for dispenser. Love your dog, the park, and the planet… It starts with a dog… and ends with clean paths and parks. BioBag Compostable and Biodegradable bags are the safe, hygienic and convenient way to follow your dog. BioDog bags have a hole in the top that can be used for closing the bag after use.

BioDog bags will decompose quickly in a composting environment, however we do not recommend placing dog waste in compost due to the unknown food ingredients a dog can consume and medications and pathogens dogs are exposed to.

Carton holds 12 boxes of 50 bags (600) $66.00
Box 50 bags $10.61
NZ$ 66.00 excluding GST
NZ$ 75.90 including GST
Carton 600 bags
FP HP187280
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