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Jasol offer a premium range of environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals.
  • BC No Rinse Sanitiser 5Ltrs - Jasol
    Application: Colour coded, non hazardous, non perfumed, economical bulk concentrate. AQIS Approval. KOSHER Approval.

    Benefit: Sanitiser for Food Processing Areas

    A high performance quarternary based sanitiser containing 10% quarternary ammonium compounds designed to be applied on food processing equipment without the need to rinse. Contains no perfumes.

    As a No-Rinse Sanitiser for walls, floors, tables, benches, food equipment 2ml to 1L and spray products. Leave wet for 60 seconds. drain and air dry. For a disinfectant 1:80. Leave for 6 minutes and rinse off.

    Auction is for 1 x 5Litres
    NZ$ 41.49 per Each
    NZ$ 47.71 incl GST
  • Dispenser Liquid Refillable 900ml (key lock)
    Refillable liquid dispenser with key lock. 900ml.
    NZ$ 95.85 Each
    NZ$ 110.23 incl GST
  • Refillable liquid Silver Pod Dispenser. 800ml
    NZ$ 48.80 Each
    NZ$ 56.12 incl GST
  • Cleaner Sanitiser - 5Litres - Jasol - Eco
    - Biodegradable - Phosphate Free
    - Safe on all Surfaces - Quaternary Ammonium Based
    - Strong emulsifying properties - Safe on all Surfaces
    - Non-perfumed for use in food preparation areas
    - Excellent protein removing ability

    EC1 is an environmentally responsible and very convenient all in one cleaner and sanitiser that is highly effective in both hard and soft water. EC1 is made from renewable plant resources rather than oil based ingredients. EC1 is readily biodegradable. EC1 is fragrance-free making it an ideal product for use in food preparation and processing areas.

    NZFSA C41
    NZ$ 28.50 5 Litres
    NZ$ 32.78 incl GST
  • No Rinse Sanitiser - Jasol - Eco
    Jasol's Environmental Choice EC2 is an environmentally responsible and highly effective no rinse sanitiser.
    EC2 is chlorine free making it the perfect high performance sanitiser for all food contact surfaces and equipment.
    EC2 is readily biodegradable and is an environmentally responsible choice for your cleaning needs.


    DIRECTIONS FOR USE Use at a dilution rate of 1:250 using warm to hot water and spray product. For 500ml spray bottles add 2ml and fill the bottle with warm to hot water. For 750ml spray bottles add 3ml and fill the bottle with warm to hot water. The surface must remain wet for at least 60 seconds. Drain surface and air dry before contact with food.

    As a heavy duty Sanitiser (with a subsequent rinse): Dilute 1 part EC2 to 40 parts water. Rinse with potable water after use. Fresh solutions need to be prepared daily to ensure effectiveness.

    NZFSA C41
    NZ$ 32.50 5 Litres
    NZ$ 37.38 incl GST
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