Paper towels, toilet paper and tissues made from recycled paper. PureEco products have Environmentaly Choice NZ certification.
  • Toilet Paper 2ply 400sheet unwrapped - PureEco
    400 sheets per roll, 2ply, flower embossed. No paper wrapping. Enviro tissue. 100% recycled.

    Biodegradable paper.

    Carton 48 rolls (carton lined with clear plastic liner)

    Old code ET01
    NZ$ 59.50 Carton 48 rolls
    NZ$ 68.43 incl GST
  • Toilet Tissue 850 sheets - PUREeco
    Toilet Rolls 850Sheets, 1ply, Enviro Tissue. 100% recycled.

    Carton 12 x 4packs (48 rolls)

    Old code ET03
    NZ$ 71.71 Carton 48 rolls
    NZ$ 82.47 incl GST
  • Autocut Roll Towel 180m - PUREeco
    - 180 metres per roll
    - 1 ply
    - Enviro tissue
    - Non-perforated
    - Truly soft dot embossed

    Packing: 180m x 6rl
    NZ$ 117.91 6 rolls
    NZ$ 135.60 incl GST
  • Half wipes slimfold paper towels - PureEco
    Half wipes paper towels - N fold. Dot embossed. 1ply. Enviro Tissue 100% recycled.

    Sheet size 115mm (w) x 240mm (fold)

    Carton 40 packs of 200sheets (8000sheets)

    Old code EH22
    NZ$ 90.04 Carton 8000 sheets
    NZ$ 103.55 incl GST
  • Jumbo toilet rolls 1ply 500m - PureEco
    Jumbo toilet rolls 1ply, 500m per roll. non perforated. Enviro Tissue, 100% recycled paper.

    Rolls size 90mmx500m

    Carton 8 rolls
    NZ$ 56.81 Carton 8 rolls
    NZ$ 65.33 incl GST
  • Jumbo toilet rolls 2ply 300m - PureEco
    Jumbo toilet rolls. 2ply, 300m. Non-perforated. Enviro Tissue. 100% recyced paper.

    Roll size 90mm x 300mm

    Carton 8 rolls

    Old code EJ60

    Dispensers available Free on Loan - conditions apply
    NZ$ 56.81 Carton 8 rolls
    NZ$ 65.33 incl GST
  • Slimline Hand Towel -  PUREeco
    PureEco slimfold paper towels are made from recycled paper. They have Environmental Choice NZ certification.

    200 sheets per pack
    - 1 ply
    - Enviro tissue
    - N-fold
    - Dot embossed

    Carton 20 packs of 200 (4000 sheets)

    Was code EH20
    NZ$ 90.04 Carton 4000
    NZ$ 103.55 incl GST
  • Tissues Facial 100's - PureEco
    Facial tissues 100 per box. 2ply. 100% recycled paper.

    Carton 48 boxes of 100

    Old code EF50
    NZ$ 97.43 Carton 48 boxes
    NZ$ 112.04 incl GST
  • Interleaf Tissue 2ply - Pure Eco
    Interleaf Tissue paper - for use as toilet paper or as facial tissues. 2ply. Enviro tissue, 100% recycled paper.

    Packs individually wrapped in plastic (suitable for soft plastic recycling).

    Sheet size 195mm x 100mm

    Carton 36x240sheets (8640 sheets)
    NZ$ 81.48 Carton 8640 sheets
    NZ$ 93.70 incl GST
  • Slimfold Hand Towel Blue - PureEco
    Slimfold paper towels - BLUE for working with food. Recycled paper.

    200 sheets per pack
    - 1 ply
    - Enviro tissue
    - N-fold
    - Dot embossed

    Carton 20 packs of 200 (4000 sheets)
    NZ$ 94.11 Carton 4000
    NZ$ 108.23 incl GST

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Freight is charged by weight, indicitive costs per carton are: Auckland $6.90, Whangarei to Hamilton $10.50, North Island $14.00, South Island $16.00 + GST, Rural charges are extra.


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