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  • 80L Compostable Bin Liners - Ecobags
    80L Bin liner Compostable and Biodegradable.

    Size: 780 X 1060mm

    Ecopack’s range of 100% compostable bags are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic bags. They offer a smarter and more sustainable packaging choice and are specifically designed to be sustainable from start to finish.
    They are made from a natural starch-based polymer derived from corn and the printing is done with water based eco-friendly inks – a true alternative to the traditional oil-based solutions that may contain polyethylene or other non-degradable plastics.
    In the kitchen, the extra microns in the compostable bags mean that they are highly durable letting you store your organic waste without leaking. When the bag is full, simply pull it out and dump it in your household composter or green organic collection service ready for an industrial composting facility – no mess and no fuss.
    Certified to strict Australian and European standards, Ecopack’s bags are proven to break down in a compost environment similar to other organic waste. In moist conditions the bags degrade to carbon dioxide and water without leaving any harmful residues in the process.
    Let Ecopack’s compostable bags help you cut your plastic use and make your composting routine even easier!

    10 bags in per roll

    Certification standards Achieved:

    · Australian Standard (AS4736-2006)
    · European Standard (EN13432-2000)
    · American Standard (ASTM D6400)


    Roll 10 bags
    Carton 120 bags
    NZ$ 105.30 Carton 120
    NZ$ 94.77 Carton 120
    NZ$ 108.99 incl GST
  • Face Masks Disposable - Coastal - Pack or Carton

    Disposable Protective Face Mask With Earloops- Blue.

    3 Ply Non Woven Face Mask (blue)

    Box of 50
    NZ$ 65.00 Box 50
    NZ$ 45.00 Box 50
    NZ$ 51.75 incl GST
  • Soap/hand sanitiser dispenser gel/liquid 1000ml
    Refillable Liquid Soap Dispenser. Wall mounted.

    1 Litre capacity

    Refillable with Gel & Liquid soap or hand sanitiser. Nozzle adjusts to different products.

    This dispenser has a plastic body with clear window to see soap level.
    NZ$ 55.10 Each
    NZ$ 44.08 Each
    NZ$ 50.69 incl GST
  • Baking Mould Paper Star Single Serve - Confoil
    Baking Mould Paper Star Single Serve - Confoil.

    See specifications below.

    A range of elegantly decorated disposable bakery containers in various shapes and sizes which raw mixes can be baked in. Many moulds are specially designed to release humidity when Baked through micro vents and special corrugations. Most are free standing, thereby not requiring trays or tins hence reducing the need to clean up afterwards. All moulds are compostable and made from sustainable forestry. Moulds are heat resistant to 200⁰C and non-deformable. Suitable to be used where metal detection is present.

    Top out (mm) 133
    Top in (mm) 133
    Base (mm) 125
    Height (mm) 35
    Number per carton 150

    Delivery 2-4 days
    NZ$ 70.71 Carton 150
    NZ$ 63.64 Carton 150
    NZ$ 73.19 incl GST
  • Economy Packaging Tape - Clear, 48mm x 100m - Matthews
    Economy Packaging Tape - Clear, 48mm x 100m
    36 rolls per pack

    Cost Efficient Packaging Solution

    Economy packaging tape made of quality polypropylene is a cost efficient solution for high volume warehouse packaging. With a high grade acrylic adhesive for excellent holding power. Available in clear or brown in either a 36mm or 48mm roll width.
    NZ$ 55.80 Pack 36 rolls
    NZ$ 50.22 Pack 36 rolls
    NZ$ 57.75 incl GST
  • Serene Liquid Soap 5L x 2 + free Dispenser
    SERENE 5L is viscous pink pearlised lathering hand soap with a lasting fragrance.

    pH balanced and therefore has milder effects on the skin than most toilet soaps.
    Contains mild skin cleansers with non-irritant coconut derived skin conditioners and moisturisers.
    Does not block pumps and nozzles of soap dispensers.
    Has a pleasant perfume, suited for both men and women.
    NZFSA Approved C52

    2 X 5Litre bottles of Serene soap + free dispenser (1Litre capacity).
    NZ$ 55.18 2 x soap + dispenser
    NZ$ 63.46 incl GST

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Freight is charged by weight, indicitive costs per carton are: Auckland $6.00, Whangarei to Hamilton $10.50, North Island $14.00, South Island $16.00 + GST, Rural charges are extra.


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